Have you ever written in a diary? Doodled in your notebook at school? Even if you haven’t, you DO have what it takes to start journaling! Keeping a journal has many positive benefits including personal growth, helping you to understand your behaviors and moods, and reducing stress (yep- it’s a proven fact!).


Most importantly journalling increases self-esteem (and who can’t use an extra dose? Life can be tough sometimes!).  Journalling can help with the healing process, help you to recover from failed relationships, grief, and loss.


It’s been said that you can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know WHO YOU ARE. Journalling will help you to figure yourself out.


Here are some great tips to help you begin:


1. There is a TON of power in the written word, but journalling can also include drawings, pictures cut out of magazines, photos, articles from the newspaper, a collage, movie tickets, anything that if important to you


2. Your journal if for your eyes only, unless you decide to share it with someone. Therefore keep it in a private place so you feel safe speaking (well, writing) from the heart.


3. Start by writing about where you are in your life at this exact moment in time. Describe where you’re living, where you go to school, who your friends are, what you like to do, and so on. Don’t edit your spelling or grammar- this isn’t for a good grade. Write freely as the thoughts come up, don’t worry about appearances.


4. Start each day by writing down a single thing you feel grateful for. Gratitude helps you keep a positive outlook, which gives you a boost of HAPPINESS.


5. Next write down one thing you are proud of. Maybe you learned all the words to a new song, maybe you helped a new student find her classroom, or helped a child tie his shoes. It’s the little things that matter most, and it’s ok to brag on yourself!


6. Notice nature. No matter what else is going on, the place we live is beautiful. There are flowers, blue skies, trees that give us shade, dogs to pet. Talk about the world you see, the current season, the weather, etc.


7. Sit in a place free of distractions when you journal. Maybe for you a noisy park makes for comforting background noise, or perhaps you need to write in the library, or in bed. Just make sure that the spot is cozy and comforting TO YOU.


8. Wherever you choose to write, try to write for the same amount of time, at the same time, each day as OFTEN as possible. Five minutes is a great goal, or two blank pages a day.


By journalling you can process your day to day life and learn to love and accept yourself. You wouldn’t be hard on your best friend- so think of the person keeping the journal as someone who deserves your love and respect.


Journaling isn’t just “for girls” either! Some of the most amazing writers of all times are men (Mark Twain must have jotted down little thoughts, and William Shakespeare too!)

When your journal is full tuck it away for one year. When you pull it back out you will be amazed by how your life has changed and how much you have grown. When you’re ready for a new blank journal please email us at and we will mail a brand new, beautifully empty one to you right away!! Same goes for colored pens!


Happy journalling and good luck!