About bag up the love

Marguerite with the Student Council at Southside Elementary on 12/8/15

Bag Up The Love!, working independently from but in conjunction with Safe Children Coalition and the Sarasota YMCA, will replace the trash bags that are given to children who are going into foster care with brand new duffel bags stuffed with a couple supplies that say “home.”


Bag Up The Love! was started by Marguerite Andrich when she was a middle school student at Pine View middle school student. When she is not going to school and helping foster kids, Marguerite likes to play cello and ride horses.


Marguerite knows that moving is hard. She has lived in five different states for her family’s film production business. It is bad enough when you move with your family, your pets and your things in nice suitcases and boxes. Marguerite can’t imagine moving in an emergency situation with a black plastic trash bag.


“I know the children and teens entering the foster care system in Sarasota County are my peers, they are my classmates and friends, and I want to help make their moves a little easier.”


Marguerite’s motto is “If you have anything at all, you have something to share with others.” She hopes you will agree!